Ryan James

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

My name is Ryan James and I come alive helping other people come alive.

Particularly coaching small business owners through their midlife ‘reassessment’. Helping to realign their business to reflect who they really are and what they feel most called to do in the 2nd half of life.

People that likely started out with a bold plan to change the world only to find their own world get turned upside down and inside out in a ball of infuriation, frustration and burn out.

There’s a better way. I’m here to help you find it and find yourself along the way. One step at a time. With infinite greater joy, purpose and playfulness.

(F**k it, just do what you really want and (let’s) have some serious fun with it all!)


The thing is, if you already knew what really lights you up, what’s really stopping you from you doing it and/or how to navigate either with greater joy, purpose & playfulness, you’d likely already be doing it, right?!

That’s where coaching comes in. I will help you get unblocked.. Not by force or by ‘fixing’ but with curiosity, ‘love’ and deep listening. This might sound a bit ‘woo-woo’ but I believe that ‘what is loved reveals it’s loveliness.’* Or put another way, when we’re willing to simply be with what ‘is’, as it is, the way often reveals itself without really trying!

* Quote by Dawna Markova


I’m trained in sales, I was a brand consultant in a former life, I used to co-run a marketing agency for nearly 10 years, I retrained in coaching, I intuitively understand how people think and I love how business works…

And as and when needed I will help work with you to find the right price, people, place, product, promotion, emotion, action, approach, suppliers, staff and sustainable plans and ‘strategies’ that best work for you and your business.

And where necessary will introduce you to my best contacts.


One thing they don’t tell you when you start your own business, is that it is going to be a deep dive into all your wounds, triggers, traumas and shadows! #funnynotfunny

But I believe that our most important ‘spiritual’ growth doesn’t happen when planning or meditating… It happens in the midst of conflict, frustration and burn out, when we find ourselves doing the same old things and then suddenly realising that we have a choice to do it differently! I will be there for you in those moments to hold your hand, find your way and celebrate the breakthroughs!

Music is magic!

And if there were 3 tracks that I sense best capture my essence and what it’s like working with me, it would be these beauties:

Hit or Miss

‘Hit or Miss’ by Odetta

A Prayer Of My Own

‘A Prayer Of My Own’ by Nick Mulvey

Ezra Was Right

‘Ezra Was Right’ by Grandbrothers

Sound like your kind of groove?

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For the last 7 years, Ryan has been listening and challenging me every step of the way, constantly helping me implement positive changes in my life and design agency… I probably haven’t needed him for the last 3 years but why would I stop doing something that always provides so value and enjoyment?!”

~ Warren Cuff, Ralph Media

“WOW!!! That’s all I can say about this morning’s session… I go from ‘lost overwhelm’ to a very grounded “YES. THIS.” in an hour and half, allowing me to go back to my desk calm and with renewed vision. Tears, laughter, love, peace and passion all come in and all equally welcome. You walk alongside me, help me see what I don’t always see, hold my hand when I need it and celebrate the “wins” with me. Thank you for being you and for helping me be more of ME. Xx”

~ Venetia Norrington, Venetia Norrington Photography

Ryan’s curiosity, playful outlook and distinct lack of inhibition around asking difficult questions is just what we needed to figure it all out and, most importantly, have fun doing it. He works with the heart and looks beyond the obvious. Anything goes. Working with Ryan feels transformative and that is really very exciting. Bring it on!” 

~ Beccy Lloyd, Cheddar Bikes

I’d always thought of business coaching as somewhat dry and serious, but left feeling uplifted, supported and inspired, with the comforting awareness of a wonderful presence alongside me as I excitedly took my next steps! Thank you Ryan.”

~ Katz Cowley, Katz Cowley Illustrations

In the 5 years since we did our most focused work with Ryan, we saw campsite numbers jump from 800 a year to over 18,000… That’s a whopping 2,250% increase!!! Of course, it’s not all down to that bit of work but he definitely helped give us the permission and faith to do our own thing, and trust the rest would follow, which it has in spades! Ryan is great!”

~ Julian Sayer, Petruth Paddocks

“Working with Ryan is like a great big healthy shot of soulful, playful, spiritual and brain stretching energy in the arm. He challenges, pushes, dances, laughs, cries – the whole lot. Without fail is my go-to guy for brain food and soul food, all delivered with a healthy dose of laughter and honesty.”

~ Matt Hall, Making Stuff Better

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Coaching is not my only gig.

I also run 3 other projects. All interconnected. All juicy as f**k. All with an emphasis on getting seriously curious and soulfully connected, and having some real, proper fun with it all.

Wisdom & Wanders for folks seeking renewed purpose, meaning & fulfilment in the 2nd half of life.

Come on a Wander OR go listen to a podcast.

T-shirts for those days you wish to ROAR your truth & let your inner lion prowl with pride.

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A safe space and place to explore and unpack the biggest questions of our time to see where the conversations and connections may take us.

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If you resonate with my approach or you have any burning questions just call or Whatsapp me: 07765 257797 or email on: rajames1977@gmail.com

Assume there are no obligations or expectations unless we agree otherwise. I don’t have fixed prices and I don’t do contracts as everyone often needs something different. If I can help you in one session I will. If you choose to stay longer that’s entirely up to you. Win/Win.

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