Playmaker Ryan James

Ryan James
07765 257797
DOB: 30.10.77
Born and bred Bristolian.

Long suffering Bristol City supporter. Part-time Liverpool fan.
Practising Buddhist, and avid lover of new music and the great outdoors.

In another life I could have easily have been a product designer, an architect, a carpenter or a craftsman. Who knows… I may surprise myself yet!

As it happens I’m no less a creator, I just ply my trade in different ways.
Here’s a just a few of them I’m working on.

My day job.

Helping you take your market opportunity
Delivering marketing insights and sales inspiration
for focused business owners.

My trusted network.
Helping to create a fun, informative and engaging environment for business professionals to resonate, collaborate and explore new ideas.

My pet project.
Exploring ‘another’ way to live life and thrive.

My equity stakehold.
Putting my money where my mouth is to help ShutterBugs Photography Experiences build a business, a brand and a franchise… from start-up.

My chosen charity.
Helping young, vulnerable (and often homeless) people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to reboot their lives.